When the 2010 earthquake struck, without a second thought, a retired Boston police officer, Jimmy Bickerton, jumped on a plane and flew to Haiti to rescue people from the rubble. Through a series of circumstance and small world phenomena, a team emerged from Boston to form SNADCO, Saint Nicolas Assurance and Develpoment Company, led by Joe Jeudy and Mark Kelly,  and decided to do something on a large scale to help Haiti not only recover from and survive the earthquake, but to thrive in the future.

Anyone who has studied the history of Haiti, the first enslaved nation in world history to earn its own freedom, knows that SNADCO’s work had just begun. The road ahead saw its share of rubble and turmoil and has now prevailed through five administrations, earning the trust and support of each and stands on the cusp of accomplishing its ultimate goal of creating tens of thousands of jobs in the agricultural and infrastructure industries. When SNADCO lost one investor after the next due to  government turmoil, the government itself stepped up and offered SNADCO  an opportunity to raise its own funding by granting it, after a rigorous selection process, the contract to manage the Haitian National Lottery, a multi-billion dollar industry that will assure SNADCO’s success.

SNADCO’s mission is to develop the Nordouest Department of Haiti and by example, spread a spirit of success thoughout the nation. We are essentially an infrastructure and real estate development company that will entertain any and all business opportunities, including ports of call for the cruise ship industry in the Caribbean’s best harbors (don’t take our word for it, Christopher Columbus said it best*), casinos, hotels and resorts, tuna packing plants, glass eels and a host of of development projects that will ensure the Haitian people a chance to have a better tomorrow. Two of our prize projects is to take advantage of the vast mountain ranges of calcium carbonate (Lime) in Haiti,  a prime ingredient in cement, to rebuild the thousands of homes that were destroyed in the earthquake, and to convert Haiti into a global player in hemp production. Hemp is a versatile plant, used in thousands of applications and before its dubious illegalization in the United States, it was a major crop there, used in textiles, food and construction. If you’ve ever read the book, “Moby Dick”, you may not be surprised to learn that almost everything in those days was made from hemp, from the clothes they wore to the sails, ropes and waterproofing for the ship’s hulls to the oil in the lamps (whale oil was inferior due to its smell). Hemp agriculture could assure decades of sustainable farming in Haiti and restore its topsoil while feeding and employing its people.

Anyone who knows history knows that Haiti, now the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, was once its richest, known as the Pearl of the Antilles, Haiti produced more wealth for the French than the thirteen British colonies in the Americas combined. Hispaniola still boasts the world’s fourth richest gold veins, has more oil than Venezuela and mountains of other minerals. After five hundred years of mismanagement and neglect, its topsoil is still in jeapordy, although many projects are underway to plant trees and restore the forests that Columbus boasted about. SNADCO is proud to be among the organizations working to restore sustainable agriculture in this proud nation.

  • ” It has many large harbors finer than any I know in Christian lands…” –  Christopher Columbus.